Part-time Minister of Music, Mt Carmel Baptist

Mt. Carmel Baptist Church is seeking a Part-time Minister of Music.
The primary responsibilities of the part-time worship leader will be to lead and grow the music worship ministry at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church.

Please send resumes to: MTCARMELBP6915@ATT.NET

Job Description:

Sunday Morning @ 10:45
Sunday Evening at 6:30
Wednesday Evening @ 6:30
Adult Choir Practices (Day & time to be determined)
Duties & Responsibilities:
1. Be accountable to and work under the direction of the Pastor within the general guidelines stated in this job description.
2. Represent Christ and the best interests of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church in the areas of personal habits, speech, attitudes and actions.
3. Coordinate the church music ministry with the calendar and emphasis of the church.
4. Direct the choir and congregational singing. Be involved, if needed, with other music ministries of the church.
5. Attend staff meetings as needed for the worship ministry.
6. Order and maintain musical materials, supplies, and other music equipment for use in the church’s music programs.
7. In the event of an absence, the Minister of Music will notify the pastor and arrange his replacement.
8. Notify the pianist and/or organist and church secretary by Wednesday morning each week of the music that is to be presented the following Sunday.
Church Finances:
Any person spending church money would be required to fill out an expense report account for all money handled. Receipts should be provided for all expenditures but mandatory for expenditures of $25.00 and above. Expense reports and receipts to be given to church secretary and/or treasurer for budgeting.