Ministry Assistant, Ball Camp Baptist Church

Job Description for Ministry Assistant for Ball Camp Baptist Church
Ball Camp Baptist Church is looking for a new Ministry Assistant to work with the staff and assist them in their ministry. The hours are Monday through Thursday from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm. If you are interested, please submit your resume to the church office by e-mail at
The Ministry Assistant will work closely with the church ministerial staff to accomplish the ministry of Ball Camp Baptist Church and will be responsible for ensuring a well-organized and functioning church office. The Ministry Assistant will convey a loving and caring attitude to the visitors and members of Ball Camp Baptist Church.
a) Work in an organizational support role with the Senior Minister, all staff employees and leaders of leadership teams and committees. Serve as the central source of information for general church programs.
b) Assist the Parents Day Out program as requested including interfacing with parents and children.
c) Maintain a schedule/calendar of church events and activities to avoid scheduling conflicts.
d) Coordinate the use of church facilities for meetings and activities.
e) Maintain all files and church records.
f) Process all invoices, including Visa, Lowes and Sam’s Club credit cards, making sure all receipts are attached and issue payment requests to Church Treasurer for payments.
g) Ensure the current approved budget is being followed.
h) Coordinate all internal and external church communications (leadership team meetings, committee meetings, and general church announcements). Maintain electronic media such as social media and the church website.
i) Serve as the office receptionist, greeting all visitors and employees that come into the office.
j) Work in an organizational and clerical support role with the Church staff.
k) Receive telephone calls and direct them to the proper staff employee; receive and distribute incoming mail
l) Prepare documents, brochures and letters for review/approval of the Church staff.
m) Requisition and maintain all office supplies.
n) Prepare weekly worship service bulletins.
o) Attend Together Leadership Team meetings to assist in maintaining a schedule/calendar of church events and activities and to avoid scheduling conflicts with the use of specific facilities.
p) Perform other duties or assistance as requested by the Church staff.
a) Requires a high school diploma. Five years of experience in a similar position is preferred.
b) Proficiency in Microsoft Office.
c) Requires a commitment to confidentiality regarding all account records of the church, staff, and the members.
d) Requires a commitment to living out Biblical principles and teachings both in his/her professional and personal life.
e) Requires compliance with all established church policies and procedures as well as the applicable federal and state laws.
f) Requires passing criminal, financial and sexual misconduct background checks.