Women’s Missionary Union

The WMU is a ministry that encourages and helps develop missions education programs in the churches of the Association. Activities and events are scheduled throughout the year to support these groups, to expand their scope of knowledge of Southern Baptist Missions and Missionaries, and to provide fellowship among these women as they serve together in missions support. Our Associational Leadership Team organizes or supports several events throughout the year, which include: Quarterly Associational Meetings; Mission Kid Fun Day; and the Annual WMU Get-Together (Women) and Connection (Girls Grades 7-12th) in Gatlinburg each year. You can find the dates and information for these events on the KCAB Calendar on this website.
The Associational WMU also encourages support for the Missionary Kid assigned to the Associational churches by the Tennessee State WMU organization.
“I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some.  I do this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings.”  I Corinthians 9:22b–23 NIV

Church Support
The Associational WMU Leaders also offer training, encouragement, and resources for missions organizations in our Knox County churches and provide help to incorporate missions education into other developed programs of the church (such as Awana,Team Kid, etc). If a church does not currently have organized missions education programs, the leaders will help get it started.

If you would like to receive the quarterly newsletter for the Associational WMU called the NEWS CLIP please email info@kcab.org and give your name and address to be added to the mailing list.
The Association also publishes a book of Mission Action information, that can be picked up at the Knox County Association office.

Missionary Support
Several of our churches and area associations have houses available for temporary missionary housing. For a list of these houses, call the Association office at 865-693-9097.
You can also contact the Association office for more information on local missionaries.

Mission Kid Assignment for Knox County
for contact information, call the KCAB office at 865-693-9097

You will find the dates and information about our Associational WMU events on the calendar page of this website.
Events to look for:
February:  FOCUS on WMU week
March:  Mission Kids Fun Day
& Week of Prayer for North American Missions
April:  Missions Get-Together & Connection in Gatlinburg
&  KCAB WMU Annual Meeting
July:  Day Women on Missions summer picnic
August:  Leadership Training

KCAB WMU Leadership Team
Director:  Kim Sikes, 865-567-7286, kimswmu7741@gmail.com, First Baptist Powell
Asst Director:  Diane Gross, 865-712-4936, dgross1951@comcast.net,  Ridgeview Baptist
Treasurer:  Yvonne Piercy, 865-769-4593, piercyjy@comcast.net,  Wallace Memorial Baptist
Secretary:  Millie Badgett, 865-693-9097, mbadgett@kcab.org,  Washington Pike Baptist
Mission Involvement Consultant:  Rebecca Montgomery, 865-474-0754,  Fort Hill Baptist
Pastor/church staff Consultant:  Bobbie Farmer, 865-524-5016, bobbiefsox@yahoo.com,  Alice Bell Baptist
Publicity Consultant:  Diane Gross, 865-712-4936, dgross1951@comcast.net,  Ridgeview Baptist
Sisters-Who-Care Consultant:  Ruby Winton, 865-539-3790, wintonruby@yahoo.com,  New Mount Calvary Baptist
Women on Mission Consultant:  Laura Woodard, 865-805-3397,  Union Baptist
Age Level Consultant:  Susie Waddell, 865-947-2036, sdmwaddell@comcast.net,  Ridgeview Baptist
Children’s Consultant: April Wright, 865-335-9593, wrightbabe@bellsouth.net, Alice Bell Baptist
Children’s Consultant: Tonya Petty, 865-6033011, tonyapetty1428@gmail.com, First Baptist Powell