Shannon Washam

Shannon Washam-

Shannon Washam

Director, Western Heights Baptist Center

Shannon joined the KCAB team in 2004 with a growing desire to make disciples and minister to the disadvantaged.  What a surprise it was to find the inner city to be a ripe mission field of adults and children waiting to experience the Love of Christ.  With a team of committed volunteers working together, Shannon serves the people in that area with a great passion.  Shannon and his wife Jean Ann, have three energetic teenagers that sustain them in a busy lifestyle of running to games and events.  In addition to his work at the Baptist Center, he also enjoys his ministry at his church and his relationships with friends and family.  Shannon’s wife works at Carson Newman University, their Alma Mater, where they met as students.

Contact me:

1230 West Scott Ave., Knoxville, TN 37921

Phone: 865-525-9068


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