“As the Father has sent me, I am sending you”
Church Missions Team

¨ Assist churches in identifying and developing mission opportunities and partnerships.  

¨ Assist churches in providing training and education with a missional focus.

¨ Assist churches in identifying and meeting the needs of underserved communities across Knox County.

¨ Assist churches in identifying and developing mission opportunities for language and ethnic communities.

Mission Team Leaders:
Luckey Steele, Pastor of City View Baptist Church
Tim Hopkins, Missions Pastor of Beaver Dam Baptist Church

New York, New York
Cleveland, Ohio
Northern Italy

Wherever God’s mission takes you, the KCAB Mission Team can assist

Be the Missionary:  Training teams in the basic missionary principles used to engage people groups
The Trip of Your Lifetime:  Sharing the best practices of taking a mission trip from your neighborhood to the nations
The World Around You:  Assisting in identifying and engaging ethnic communities right here at home
Whatever You Do:  Learning to identify and engage underserved communities with the whole Gospel
Better Together:  Building and developing partnership opportunities for mission
Ekklesia-Missio Dei–The Church on God’s Mission:  Moving from a maintenance mindset to a missional movement