Church Assistance

The KCAB Church Assistance and Relations Team has developed intentional strategies to help build a strong network of vibrant churches on God’s mission:

  • Assist churches through Learning Communities, Coaching, and Contextualized Training Assistance
  • Assist churches in developing partnerships that address specific needs as well as partnerships that assist in church revitalization
  • Assist in nurturing Pastor Relationships
  • Assist in identifying and providing resources for practical needs related to various church functions and operation

Team Leader:  Travis Henderson, Pastor of Glenwood Baptist Church


Church Revitalization–Church Assistance

According to Thom Rainer, 90% of churches are either in decline or growing at a pace slower than their community.  In the midst of this extreme challenge lies a great opportunity. Ed Stetzer point out that Church revitalization is an opportunity to lead God’s people to a renewed focus on God’s mission. Such an endeavor will undoubtedly change lives, communities, and have a gospel impact on generations to come. Among the many models of church revitalization, three typically stand out as the most common:

Merger or Acquisitional Revitalization: This approach is both radical and largely successful. Another church merges with or acquires the existing church in need of revitalization. Sometimes the doors of the existing church are closed for a season. The church then reopens, possibly with a new name, but definitely with new leaders.

Partnership Revitalization: This approach is when a church comes alongside the church in need of revitalization. The partnership may include shared leadership, finances, training, mentoring, and other resources that help bring about the necessary changes for revitalization.

Covenantal Revitalization: In this approach, the existing church, led by an objective person (often an outsider), agrees to make some significant changes. The leadership and the congregation agree to a process of examining Scripture, spiritual renewal, studying the congregation and the community, and developing a strategy that moves the church toward revitalization.

The Church Assistance Team is ready to assist churches in discovering the revitalization approach that is best for their context and situation. Give us a call and let’s see how a specific approach to revitalization might be the catalyst for your church to be on God’s mission!