Knox County Association of Baptists

Learn about us and how you can get involved

Whether your church is looking to join a network and experience the power of locking arms with others to make Kingdom Impact, or you are an individual looking for a way to get involved in ministry around Knox County and East Tennessee, we want to help!

Who We Are

Knox County Association of Baptists is committed to reaching East Tennessee and beyond with the Gospel!

Two of the most important questions in life that we need to answer are Who are we? and Why are we here? 
I am often asked, “What is the Knox County Association of Baptists?”  We answer that question with the phrase Ekklesia-Missio Dei.  The word Ekklesia is used throughout the New Testament to identify the people of God as the called out ones…the sent…the ChurchMissio Dei is a phrase that literally means the mission of God.  The Knox County Association of Baptists is a network of Baptist churches that are sent to live out the mission of God in this world.  We are a network of more than 150 churches joining together in a spirit of unity right here in Knox County.  That is who we are — Ekklesia; that is why we are — Missio Dei.

Where are we?  and Where are we going?
Our culture has seen dramatic shifts in recent years.  As a network of Baptist churches living out God’s mission in this world, we are intentional about assisting churches to engage these cultural shifts with the whole Gospel.  This means assisting churches to live as missionaries in a culture that is rapidly changing.  We recognize that the world around us is changing–that is where we are today.  we also recognize that the church must live as a missionary in our culture today–that is where we are going.  We join together as a network of Baptist churches to live out the grace of the Gospel, while sharing the Gospel of grace.  That is where we are and where we are going.